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Recovera - Improves Muscle Recovery

Patent-protected Recovera, the unique branded botanical extract of Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica), has specifically been developed with sports scientists for Sports Nutrition with a dedicated focus on muscle recovery. It is built on more than 10 years of research and development, including robust human clinical trials in collaboration with research institutes.

The botanical extracts retrieved from cladodes and fruit skins of Opuntia ficus-indica make Recovera a key ingredient of dietary supplements for recovering from exercise and workouts. It supports muscle function and recovery in a variety of ways:

  • Greatly boosts insulin production post-training
  • Facilitates nutrient uptake making muscle recovery more efficient
  • Speeds up glycogen resynthesis after workouts
  • Synergistically modulates insulin response post-training when taken with Leucine

ESSNawards 2020 - Best Sports Nutrition Ingredient - grey

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20003204 N/A 29 May 2023 11 February 2021
19024409 N/A 02 December 2022 11 February 2021