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Demonstrate Your Commitment to Quality Assurance

Ingredient Quality Assurance - Informed Ingredient

Achieving quality assurance for supplement ingredients is of utmost importance for ingredient suppliers, supplement manufacturers, and consumers alike. With the Informed Ingredient certification, reputable ingredient suppliers can demonstrate their commitment to quality control with a 4-step process that is backed by ISO 17025-accredited methods. This certification can be used as an effective tool to encourage supplement brands to utilize their ingredients, ultimately resulting in more business.

The first step in the certification process is performing a thorough ingredient and manufacturing review. This ensures that the ingredient meets certain criteria and furhter reduces risk within manufacturing processes. The second step is analysing a minimum of three pre-certification samples using LGC's ISO 17025-accredited prohibited substances supplement screen. Once these two steps are complete and any resulting actions have been closed out, the ingredient will be accepted for certification with Informed Ingredient. Ingredient suppliers may then use the logo to market their certification and the certified ingredient will be added to the Informed Ingredient website. Finally, in the fourth step, each month the certified brand will submit the latest production batch for testing. Companies may choose to test additional batches above and beyond the monthly testing regime or may test every batch if preferred. This allows companies to ensure the testing profile is fit for its purpose and meets the needs of their customers, whilst fulfilling the requirements of regular testing for banned substances. 

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By obtaining Informed Ingredient certification, suppliers gain access to a trusted logo that they can use to promote their products and services to potential customers. Supplement brands will know they are getting quality tested ingredients which leads to better consumer trust and overall satisfaction with their products; this translates into higher sales volume for suppliers who have been certified by Informed Ingredient. Furthermore, suppliers can use certifications like these to stand out from competitors who may not hold similar certifications or adhere to similar standards of quality assurance

Overall, obtaining Informed Ingredient certification provides numerous benefits for both ingredient suppliers and supplement brands alike: it strengthens customer relationships while showcasing a commitment to providing high-quality tested ingredients—allowing companies to differentiate themselves from competitors in a highly competitive market. With this certification, both parties can have peace of mind knowing that their ingredients are safe and meet stringent standards of excellence and safety regulations set forth by governing bodies around the world.